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Cincinnati, Oh
When a city is flooded, it can introduce a new ecosystem consisting of fungal growth.  5o inches of rain not only does damage to the buildings it submerges but it also causes a lot of moisture buildup problems.  Wetlands, which once were used to help drain excess water, have been turned into urban neighborhoods, offering little outlet for flooding.So what happens when the water building is left without being properly restored? Mold can build up! When mold is present and not cleaned, it can continue to grow at fast rates.  The World Health Organization states that living or working near mold can cause respiratory, allergies, asthma and immunological reactions (being the least severe).It is important to know that if you are in a building that you believe has mold, to wear a respirator.  Airborne mold can be dangerous.  It’s hard to know how dangerous it can be without having the needed tests done and verifying it with an experienced and trained Mold Remediation Expert.If you experience flooding Icon Environmental to get your water removed and remediation for mold before it expands.

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