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Cincinnati, Oh

Mold Colors

Black Mold

  • Can be dark green, black, grey
  • Grows in moist and warm areas
  • Most release allergic reactions
  • Symptoms can include fever, exhaustion, difficulty breathing

White Mold

  • Lives in water damaged places
  • White because spores are not pigmented

Yellow Mold

  • Also called slime mold
  • Breed on wood, walls, bathrooms,
  • Doesn’t pose serious health effects

Green Mold

  • Color caused by most of what they grow on
  • Hazard to health
  • Causes allergic type reactions
Orange Mold
  • Becomes orange mold when it matures
  • Can grow on wood, food
  • Not life-threatening
Brown Mold
  • Can be brown, yellow or tan
  • Grow on wood and tiles
  • Not very harmful
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