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Mold Colors

Mold is everywhere. There are many types of mold colors but not all of them are dangerous.  Below are molds based on their color

Black Mold (dark green, black, grey)

  • Black Mold  grows in moist and warm areas
  • Most release allergic reactions
  • Symptoms can include fever, exhaustion, difficulty breathing


White Mold

  • Lives in water damaged places
  • White because spores are not pigmented


Yellow Mold

  • Also called slime mold
  • Breed on wood, walls, bathrooms,
  • Doesn’t pose serious health effects


Green Mold

  • Color caused by most of what they grow on
  • Hazard to health
  • Causes allergic type reactions


Orange Mold

  • Becomes orange mold when it matures
  • Can grow on wood, food
  • Not life-threatening


Brown Mold

  • Can be brown, yellow or tan
  • Grow on wood and tiles
  • Not very harmful